Voice4Net and Govolution Team Up, Provide PCI-Compliant Solution

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Voice4Net and Govolution Team Up, Provide PCI-Compliant Solution


Dallas, TX—October 31, 2016 — Voice4Net, a leading provider of customer interaction and voice communications solutions for businesses, and Govolution, a national leader in electronic payment technology and provider of payment processing services for government agencies, call centers and large institutions, announced that Travis County, Texas, has deployed their combined PCI-compliant payment card acceptance solution. Located in the central part of the state, Travis County includes the state capital of Austin, and has a population exceeding one million residents. The Voice4Net/Govolution solution is currently implemented by the county’s probation department for accepting credit and debit card payments.

Voice4Net and Govolution use an innovative solution to ensure that card payments accepted over the phone are compliant with PCI mandates. While most contact centers rely on third-party payment processors to adhere to PCI requirements, the telephony architecture utilized in most environments inhibits compliance by exposing sensitive card data within the contact center infrastructure and to the agent. The Voice4Net/Govolution implementation for Travis County leverages a specialized widget on the agent’s screen that points directly to the PCI-compliant payment acceptance solution, ensuring that all PCI mandates are met. In addition, the offering incorporates a unique PCI Border Controller that isolates the call from the IVR or agent. This ground-breaking technology temporarily disconnects the session from the network during the transaction, ensuring that all payment details are kept separate from the customer interaction with the agent, ensuring PCI compliance during the transaction. Just as importantly, all calls passed through the PCI Border Controller remain in the customer service queue, allowing the agent and user to reconnect immediately after the transaction completes, ensuring a positive experience for consumers.

“Many organizations and institutions are under the misperception that use of a third-party payment processor automatically translates into PCI compliance—which is most certainly not the case,” said Rick McFarland, chief executive officer at Voice4Net. “Any time a business—whether through their own staff or third party agents—touch secure card payment details, then that organization is responsible for adhering to PCI mandates, which can be expensive, time consuming, and possibly litigious in the event of a potential data breach. We’re delighted that Travis County has selected our PCI Compliant payment acceptance solution to meet their operational needs. It is a low-cost, highly effective option that perfectly insulates the organization from PCI requirements, while also enhancing the customer experience.”

Complementing the PCI Border Controller is Govolution’s Velocity Payment System, a secure transaction processing technology that is used by many of the nation’s leading financial institutions, government agencies, and large companies. Velocity offers a comprehensive range of multi-channel solutions to enhance payment acceptance and revenue cycle management that easily integrate with core business systems like ERP and CRMs. Velocity also offers a purpose-built call center payment system designed to secure and optimize workflows for agent assisted payments that results in reduced call times and improved fraud protection.

“The ability to accept card payments in a PCI-compliant manner is an essential component for any business that recognizes the importance of protecting card data and consumer information,” explained Greg Gentile, president of Govolution. “By relying on a unique architecture, we can ensure compliance with PCI regulations without interfering with the mechanics of customer service. We expect that many other government agencies and financial institutions will appreciate—and take advantage of—the efficiencies available through the joint Voice4Net/Govolution offering.”


Voice4Net Press Contact:
Glenn Goldberg
Parallel Communications Group

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