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Membership Clubs

Velocity for Membership Clubs provides multiple solutions, giving patrons
the flexibility to pay their dues and fees in whatever way works best.


Give your team top-level access to all payment-related information
and make customer support a snap! 


Multiple payment plan options allow club members to establish automated, recurring payment plans to pay for membership fees and services. Automatic payments improve cash flow while reducing invoicing costs, collection calls, and late payments.


Online reporting allows club personnel to research credit card, debit card, and ACH transactions in real time. Availability of transaction details minimizes customer service call time, shifting the focus from payment concerns to services provided.


Online bill presentment and payment tools enable club members to look up and pay membership dues from any web browser. Detailed bill presentment screens allow members to view the specifics of their bills. Self service payment history and automated payment plans reduce customer service calls, billing questions, and payment concerns.

Join the Club

When you sign up for Velocity, you're in good company. Organizations leverage our technology to
expand payment options, improve their reporting capability, enhance the revenue cycle and
integrate with existing back-office systems easily. 

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