Powered by the Velocity Payment System


The Velocity Payment System gives you the power to combine multiple billing
and payment options with configurable features you need to achieve
exceptional customer experience.

The Velocity Payment System

The Velocity Payment System is a highly configurable and rapidly deployable system that 
provides payment solutions to meet each organization’s specific business needs.

A Powerful Platform

Accept customer payments from a wide variety of electronic payment channels.

Faster Adoption

Accelerate adoption with capabilities that will increase convenience.

Reduce Transaction Costs

Leverage our expertise, processor relationships and technology to drive your transaction costs down.

Lower Risk

Your internal and external risks have never been higher – we embed risk management tools within our applications in an unprecedented way to reduce risk.

The Science of Safe

A secure platform from the start, the Velocity Payment System was specifically designed by Govolution to meet the strict technical, financial, and security standards of the U.S. Federal Government.

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